Customs services

Customs services are one of our basic activities.

We also provide the following services:

  • Representing our customers before customs authorities in all procedures laid down by the customs legislation,
  • Advice on customs procedures,
  • Advice on obtaining permits for all types of simplified customs procedures,
  • Keeping records on the imports and exports of goods and bookkeeping entries,
  • Advice on the application of customs regulations,
  • Representation in customs procedures with economic impact,
  • Deposit of guarantees in customs procedures,
  • Intervention in the phytosanitary, veterinary and other procedures,
  • Intrastat reporting,
  • Organization of transport
  • Warehousing, custom storage of goods,
  • Air transport of goods throught the Ljubljana Airport
  • Assistance in obtaining binding tariff codes and correctness of the VAT rate.

We offer simplified clearance, which  saves our customers a lot of time.

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