From start of the new slovenian republic we witnessed birth of company named STORI. From humble beginnings with four employees we have grown into a modern international company with fourteen employees.

We offered customs clearance and transport organization in beginning, today we are offering a whole package of logistic solutions:

  • Customs clearance for import, export, transit
  • Organizing logistic solutions for all transportations
  • Warehouse, handling
  • Packing
  • Insurance
  • Best delivery / pick-up standards
  • INTRASTAT reporting

We are proud to announce our latest accomplishment – we have acquired Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certificate. This certificate makes us one of the few freight agencies in Slovenia to acquire it on the top level – AEO F (combined AEO C + AEO S). Our customs clearances are faster, less controlled and offers us faster handling of requests and goods. Feel free to contact us!

Professionalism, accuracy, loyalty, reliability, perspicacity and quickness are virtues of our freight agency.